Personal Branding Attitudes

Professionals with extensive knowledge of their niche and a unique flair to their style have the opportunity to build an audience around themselves as an individual. This is a personal brand, and can lead to many new exciting business opportunities.  In an increasingly digital economy, there is no shortage of tools that improve your ability to market and brand yourself online. Those conscientious enough can leverage these tools to validate their strategies for content marketing, social engagement etc. For more on these tools.. Stay tuned to the Russo Business School Leadership blog!

That said, developing and managing a personal brand can be a big responsibility. Aside from the day-to-day duties, character traits such as honesty & transparency, personal accountability and confidence are crucial. This may require a directed effort to undertake activities that enhance your self-awareness.

Your personal brand should be based upon your expertise. You must be constantly vigilant in positioning yourself as a dependable source of information. Thankfully, once you have kept this up for some time, these responsibilities are embedded into your lifestyle and develop into automatic habits.

For many professionals trying to build a personal brand, whether they know it or not, their core motivation is some form of self-promotion. Those who truly succeed are driven by a commitment to advance themselves by using their unique strengths to serve others.

So what actually makes up your personal brand? From a generalized perspective, your personal brand is made up of the things that are valuable for anyone that has a relationship with you, as an individual and as a leader. These elements of your personal and professional identity must be your genuine qualities. A successful personal brand is rooted in authenticity.


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