Leading Yourself - 5 Hacks to Ensure Personal Success in 2017

January 2017

With the changing nature of the corporate landscape,  we are faced with the ongoing requirement to continuously reinvent ourselves, outperform and exceed expectations at a personal level.  More often that not, to ensure success,  we need to look inward for self-motivation and encouragement.

Master Yourself!

Never-before has there been a time where the skill-sets of generational leaders are more diversified. Whether you are a millennial entrepreneur scaling a start-up, a Gen X ‘intrepreneur’ looking to mentor change within an organisation, or an established CEO, the way we ‘master’ ourselves has evolved.

‘We should only look back to see how far we have come’, consider this as your mantra in 2017.  Ensure that your diary includes time for self-reflection and if necessary, goal realignment. Be introspective, and take the time to check-in with yourself… a ‘personal audit’.

Consider the following:

  • What were my greatest achievements today?
  • Do I make the most of my day?
  • Do I ‘love’ myself enough?
  • Am I achieving my personal goals?
  • What is out of my control, and therefore I can discard?
  • What am I grateful for?

But first, understand what they are! Consider writing a personal bio and highlight your accolades and experience;  why not update your social media profiles while you are at it?  Interview yourself and take the time to reflect on your achievements.      As CEO of WP Engine, Heather Brunner explains in her Huffington Post interview,  ‘Don’t be afraid to lean in to your super powers, and GO BIG’!    Your personal ‘tool-kit’ is testament to your hard work and determination.

You may surprise yourself and be able to add a unique ‘side-hustle’ to your credentials.  Perhaps teaching a second language, writing blogs, managing events, volunteering or mentoring.  Check out Forbes 15 Top Side Hustles for inspiration.  You journey to ‘self-leadership’ may open up a new career in 2017.

Be prepared and embrace change,  to alter course and potentially change trajectory.  Don’t be disheartened; look for the opportunity in any new challenges.  Say ‘yes’ and enjoy the ride!

Check out Derek Huether's 'Principals of Personal Agility'. They may inspire you to write your own.

Put yourself in ‘beta mode’ and change your mindset to adapt a lifetime of continuous learning.

‘Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere’. Chinese Proverb

In the 2016 Deloitte study, Global Human Capital Trends 2016, 84% of the respondents cited learning as being either important or very important. However, the study also notes that in today’s intensely competitive talent market, the C-suite clearly understands that companies that do not constantly upgrade skills and rapidly build leaders will not be able to execute their business plans.  They also identify that the ‘learning curve is the ‘earning’ curve’.

With this in mind,  what else can you do to develop you skillset both personally and professionally?  Is it time to learn a new skill or embark on a leadership program?  The options for MOOCs and online courses are endless, making learning more accessible and convenient that ever before.

Richard Branson famously promotes ‘If you don’t make bold moves, the world doesn’t move forward’.

Continue to ask why? Experiment. Be an Innovator.  Seek out new and better ways for yourself and those around you.  Check on Simon Sinek’s famous TED Talk - How Great Leaders Inspire Action .  Simon gives great insight into how to live an ‘inspired existence’.  He encourages us to ‘Ask Why – What is your purpose, your cause, your belief’. People will ‘believe what your believe’.  These words can inspire your journey of self-leadership, which in turn, will provide you with a very different approach.

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