Know Your Niche When Building Your Personal Brand

Now that you have assessed your personal strengths & values and clearly defined your target audience, it’s time to make a little noise. It’s already a pretty noisy environment, so let yourself feel legitimate when you discuss your expertise. Stay true to your signature style and soon enough people will discover you and find you informative, entertaining and/or relatable. Below are a few suggestions that might help you accumulate an audience on your journey.

Attend and present at events

Local events in your city or community are still some of the best places to meet people and build relationships. Networking events are a great way to build awareness for your personal brand, as well as randomly give you a “foot in the door” to new opportunities from time to time.

Presenting at events is a way to fast track way building a reputation for yourself within your industry. As a starting point, below is a simple structure to follow for your personal brand presentation:

1 – Discuss the issue that you have in common with the audience

2 - Share your story of struggle

3 - Share your story of success

4 – Offer the audience actionable steps towards a solution

5 - Conclude with a CTA

Produce share worthy content

There are various digital tools that you can use to track down the content that is currently trending within your industry. This might be anything from the advanced twitter search function to more complex platforms such as Hootsuite.

Once you know what people are interested in, offer them a unique and superior solution to answer their questions and solve their problems. Content creation comes in many different shapes and sizes, find what works for you through trial and error. Some obvious examples include blog, podcasts, videocasts, interactive media, downloadables, email marketing and social media engagement. The list goes on. Keep relevance in the forefront of your mind – ask yourself, why is this content relevant to by target audience?

Make a name for yourself within your industry

The challenge for you as a content marketer is to improve upon something which probably already exists in the infinitely deep ocean of information that is the internet. The Skyscraper technique for example, essentially refers impressing the big players within your niche industry enough for them to share your content. This requires you to create something that is highly topical at that point in time and undeniably good. Look for topics aligned with your skills and strengths. There are many different ways to produce content that is better than what is already out there. You can construct something more detailed and accurate, something more up to date, something beautifully designed, something strikingly creative. It’s up to you to inject your talent into the content.

Armed with your masterpiece, be respectfully relentless in contacting your niche’s key influencers that specialise in this topic. Be humble and mention that you thought they would be interested in your content. Request that they share your content, or link to your content. If even one of these influencers grants your request, you can expect a massive skyscraper-like spike in traffic to your website.

Know your niche

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