Five of the best TED talks on leadership

Great leadership isn’t the kind of thing that emerges after reading a how-to guide. The ability to lead effectively must come from within and for the right reasons. That doesn’t mean you should stop developing leadership qualities. Below are our favourite TED talks to empower leaders to greatness.

  1. How Great Leaders Inspire Action, by Simon Sinek
    This Ted talk offers a new approach to strategy; start with why. Find out why your organisation exists beyond profit, then ask how you do it and what the outcome is.
  1. The Puzzle of Motivation, by Dan Pink
    In solving the puzzle of motivation, modern psychology is more so discovering the value of intrinsic motivators – the desire to do more for personal reasons. In business this often results in threekKey motivating– Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose.
  1. Why We Have Too Few Women Leaders, by Sheryl Sandberg|
    Women have made a lot of progress towards equality; however this had not been reflected in leadership roles. In this talk, Sheryl provides advice for female professionals balancing their personal and professional life.
  1. Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe, by Simon Sinek
    This TED talk focusses on the importance of trust in the workplace. It highlights that when leaders take on risk and blame themselves, employees are willing to commit and make sacrifices for the good of the leader’s vision.
  1. How to Get Your Ideas To Spread, by Seth Godin
    In this talk, marketing guru Seth Godin highlights the importance of differentiation and targeting. He says that safely marketing to the mainstream is now actually the riskiest thing to do and marketing to niches is far safer. Simply being very good does not get you noticed anymore, businesses need to be different.

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